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M.A.P Inc Global is an international full service entertainment company dedicated to providing you with superior service. Our goal is to create a memorable events, music and media with the best team in the industry. With our unique events, concerts, productions and more we are here to put you on the map.


Concerts, festivals and other productions often have a variety of music genres, entertainment, more than one stage or room and may run for more than one day.

The process of booking artists and talent is best started with a general inquiry which gives the entertainment agent an idea of your festival style, overall budget, dates, and other key info entertainment agents need to find you the best artist for your corporate event booking.

Working with us, investors can get pricing and check the availability of 100’s of artists and advice as to the best direction for a festival line-up based on the target audience, budget, timing and all the other factors that play into determining the best possible line up for your festival


Booking artists for private events can be an exciting experience and a great way to turn a regular event into an unforgettable one. It’s an amazing way to celebrate a special event in your life. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, holiday, wedding, charity or any other special occasion. This is an awesome way to take your private event to the next level.

Booking entertainment for a musical performance, celebrity appearance, host, or even as a motivational speaker can be a great way to ensure that your event is engraved in the memories of all attendees for years to come.


Marketing and promotion is essential for all types of events, concerts, festivals or even clubs. They are the driving force that persuades potential attendees to come to your event and motivate them to pay to see the acts performing. It is imperative to properly plan marketing and promotions to ensure that the artist you book is advertised properly to the right target market of attendees.

Marketing and promotions needs to be highly effective to guarantee that you reach the numbers required for a successful event. With the right marketing plan and promotions team, any artist can be properly promoted and your event can be a great success.


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